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Never touched a wig? Ready to take your finances to the next level with your own wig business? 

Kyana Nichelle, CEO of Unified Wig Academy has the perfect course for you. The Ultimate Package is an A-Z  combination of classes giving you the blueprint on how to make and sell custom wigs.

A beginner friendly, self-paced course FULL of resources to help you achieve the wig business you dreamed of!  A convenient package that allows you to view at your own pace, as many times as you need until you get it right. We answered all the questions you didn't even know you had. 

The Ultimate Package Includes ALL of this, for only $497


This detailed tutorial gives you a  step by step guide on how to bleach your knots, pluck your closures and frontals. Plus a full list of products recommended by Kyana herself. Say goodbye to the black knots in your wigs, Get inside information on how to create flawless wigs that look just like the scalp! 


The real bread and butter of the course, This replay includes modules that give you a step by step guide on how to construct a closure wig, take measurements blocking, threading your needles, closure replacements, needle replacement and so much more! 

For those struggling with a sewing machine, this one's for YOU! Get the fundamentals on HOW to use your sewing machine, constructing a wig 


One of our top selling webinars!! Why ? Because you get the blueprint on how to become the Hair Boss I know you can be! In this replay, we tell you exactly how to search for  and to talk to your vendors. Plus, we are giving you free game on how to build a successful wig business and set yourself up to make the money you want!


Get all of your Frequently Asked Questions, answered by one of the best tax agents in the game! And when we talk about money, you know we have to talk about pricing. This replay gives you careful guidance on how to properly price your wigs, bundles and products so you can achieve  your fullest financial potential. 



{For continued education purposes} Frontal wig construction, access to a list of more vendors, an Amazon list of supplies and a supporting community with like minded individuals making and selling wigs! 


Shopify website complete, but you still have questions? We got you covered! This workshop will teach you how to operate your Shopify website after it's completed.  We will cover how to set up shipping, How to add  apps, Learn the best apps to add for your wig making business, Learn how to switch your domain and set up payments. 


A Three part frontal class. Review measurements for a frontal,  guidelines, bleaching your knots, plucking, and full styling! 


Learn how to create one of the most popular styles, The BOB! This bob cutting class gives you step by step instructions on exactly  how to cut a bob using hair clippers, plus information on what products to use and exactly how to use them. 

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  • Bre

    The ultimate package honestly was a game changer for me. Not to sound like a stalker but I watched Ky for about a year and a half before purchasing. I paid attention to her feedback in comments, the small clips of the actual class she was dropping, and how any information she wasn't a master in, she went and found people who were. I don't know too many people who are willing to not only share their talents but make the effort to assure your foundation is set. The funny thing is I didn't know her or knew anyone else who had seen her work, just up searching wig videos on YouTube and she stuck out the most. When it comes to a class I was looking for an instructor I could trust, lessons that would be detailed, and someone with patients for beginners especially because I couldn't afford or have the schedule for an in-person class. Overall Ky delivered exactly what I needed and some. From the FB group to responding to my DM in minutes about my crazy life problems, I don't think I could've picked a better teacher.